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What is Science Olympiad?

Science Olympiad (SO) is a national organization dedicated to inspiring students to pursue careers in STEM fields. It is an academically rigorous competition that consists of twenty-three events, the topics of which cycle yearly, covering a variety of scientific topics. The wide variety of disciplines available for students to explore encourages students interested in any aspect of STEM to participate.

Science Olympiad functions much like a sports team: requiring preparation, commitment, coaching, and practice throughout a season; however, one big difference is that every member contributes to the success of the team. Science Olympiad is designed to push students outside their comfort zones by encouraging them to explore new subjects, and challenge each individual to work collaboratively toward a common goal.

No matter your passion, there is always something for you! There are three main categories Science Olympiad 'events' are divided into: Test, Lab, and Build. Most events fall under the "Test" category --where students take on college-level tests of a given subject--, while others perform a "Lab" experiment, "Build" a device, or a combination of each, and compete against other teams in states and national competitions. Of the many fields of STEM covered, the most popular are Anatomy, Biology, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences, Medicine, and Computer Science, but there are many more!

Guilford HS SO Season...

Our season begins with a “Pre-Season” (September) where members are introduced to all of the mechanics of Science Olympiad, followed by a kick-off into our “Game Season” (October - April). Typically, the GHSSO competes in two to three invitationals, one regional, and one state competition; however, this all depends on the competition availability schedule for each year. Here is a more detailed breakdown of our season.

The GHSSO meets regularly on Mondays (weekly), and event specific meetings Tuesdays & Thursdays (weekly), which are held directly after school, starting at around 2:30 PM and ending at around 3:30 PM (ONE Hour Long). Meetings will always be held at the high school, typically in room D302. Our weekly meetings provide a chance for students to prepare as a group and explore the different fields of STEM with suitable equipment. In preparing for our competition events we create note sheets, build models, and explore the world of science.

Despite the intimidating idea of “Ugh! More tests!?” Science Olympiad is NOT just all about studying and taking tests! There is much, much more to Science Olympiad, including but exploration and collaboration, as well as competitions. Throughout our competitions, we compete in events against other schools --some ‘build’ or ‘lab’ events, and others ‘test’ events. In all types of events, you have to work together to solve a problem, find a solution, and test your solution, challenging your mind and allowing you to grow from the knowledge you’ve gained.

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(Must be a high school student to participate)

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