The Team

Who are we?

The Guilford High School Science Olympiad Team (GHSSO) is a diverse group of students of all ages --Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors-- who compete in events that consist of many different areas of STEM at state-wide and national competitions. All types of students are welcome to join, however, we use a sports-like system with a Varsity Team and JV Team. For more information on what Science Olympiad is all about, please refer to our information page.

Currently, our team is led by Captains Zach Neiss (Senior) and Gigi Meneo (Senior), guided by our amazing and dedicated head coach Mrs. Samantha Chiappa (Environmental Science Teacher), alongside our assistant coaches Allison O'Brien, --, and --. Our other officers of the leadership team include Build Lead Michael Neiss (Senior), Lab Lead -- (), and Test Lead -- (). These 'event leads' are assigned to manage and oversee a specific category of the many events; which can be categorized as build, lab, or test events. Please also take a moment to look below at our amazing alumni who had a major impact on the growth of this team!


Head Coach
(#1 Supporter)

Samantha Chiappa

Asst. Coach

Ernest Smoker


Zach Neiss


Gigi Meneo

Build Lead
(+Media Coord.)

Michael Neiss
*21-22 Captain*

Lab Lead

Ethan Wexler

Test Lead


Director of Outreach

Shivai Kumar


(Team Member Stats Coming Soon)

GHSSO Alumni

Many amazing seniors have graduated out of the Guilford HS Science Olympiad Team, forming a tight network of alumni. On this section of our website, we would like to focus on a few of the most impactful alums who greatly developed the team's ability of providing a place for students to explore the world of science. As you get closer to the bottom of the page, you will approach our amazing founders from the class of 2020 (starting the team in the 2018-2019 season), and closer to the top you will see our most recent graduates!


Clara Wiesler -- Vassar College (Class of 2020 // 2024)

Elie Wiesler -- Harvard University (Class of 2020 // 2024)