GHS SO Competitions

All Science Olympiad competitions are TBD this year (2022 - 2023). During the Covid19 pandemic, competitions took place in person at Guilford High School for GHSSO members --competing 'virtually'; however, we hope to compete fully in-person for this upcoming season, which includes traveling to the competition locations. Our season usually begins with small invitationals, of which we use as a way to prepare for Yale (one of our main invitationals) and Regionals/States (where we compete against all top ranking teams in CT).

Our team is split into TWO teams during the beginning of our season, where there is cross-team collaboration but tests are taken separately during competitions. These two teams are very similar to the Varsity & JV teams on a sports team, and are formed based on experience NOT GRADE LEVEL. In fact, in our 2021-2022 season, our Varsity team was comprised of a roughly equal split between grade levels.

Team divisions will be decided for every competition, and are subject to change based on past performances. Toward the end of our season, we choose a Varsity team to represent us at regionals & states (which will be formed dependent on members performance throughout the entire season).

For more information about how our team functions throughout our season, feel free to contact our captains or coaches... OR OR

Competition Season History


Connecticut States Competition (Semi-Virtual) ::
Varsity: 8/45 JV: 28/45 Results Link:

Yale University Invitational (Semi-Virtual) ::
Team A: 18/56 Team B: 12/56 Results Link:

Dick Smith Invitational (Semi-Virtual) ::
Team A: 60/74 Team B: 45/74 Results Link:


Connecticut States Competition (Virtual) ::
Team A: 12/60 Results Link:

Yale University Invitational (Virtual) ::
Team A: 41/61 Results Link:

Transcontinental Invitational (Virtual) ::
Team A: 65/85 Results Link:


Connecticut States Competition ::

Yale University Invitational ::
Team A: 24/40 Results Link:


Connecticut States Competition ::
Team A: 20/48 Results Link:

Yale University Invitational ::
Team A: 41/47 Team B: 45/47 Results Link: