Drive System

The Guilford HS Science Olympiad "Drive System" is meant to provide an organized place for team members to store and access any data necessary for member recruitment + logistics, event preparation, practice tests, sample note sheets, and more! The special thing about our drive system is not only its limited access (only GHSSO members have the ability to view the database --so our secrets don't get leaked!), but also its ease in organizing many documents into one central location; this helps us preserve documents when students graduate out of high school.

How it works... When adding documents, folders, etc. to the DRIVE, please make Coach Chiappa the "Owner" by first adding her:, and switching the 'editing' rights to 'owner'. This will not remove your access, while instead making it easier for everyone as this team grows and older students graduate.

Our hope is that with this organization (and being online), we can more efficiently take notes, have greater access to our materials, and build up a database to make it easier during competitions. If you have any questions, please reach out!

Event Folders