The Guilford HS Science Olympiad Teams' resources, part of the "Drive System," provide a wide range of information --recruitment, event assignments, competitions, etc.-- and preparation materials for all events --templates, guides, etc. Look below for any assistance in your competition preparations, and do not hesitate to contact any officers for further help!

Information Session -- GHSSO Seminar

Pre-Season Seminars

Welcome to year five of the Guilford HS Science Olympiad Team! We are so excited to compete in our fifth season, since our founding in 2018, and 'explore the world of science'! For more information regarding what Science Olympiad is and how our team functions, please visit our JOIN THE TEAM page.

For questions, please press the 'contact us' button under the ABOUT US menu, or in the footer of every page...

"Note Taking" Seminar

This seminar was crafted to help newer (and returning) members understand what is needed when preparing for an event --note sheets and other requirements--, how to take notes, and some helpful guidelines that can boost the teams performance through the power of GOOD notes!

Some helpful links include the national website (, and the science olympiad wiki page (

Science Olympiad Event Notes
GHSSO Events Seminar

"About Events" Seminar

(Coming in 2022-2023 Season)
Assignments, etc.

Event Rules ('23)

(Coming in 2022-2023 Season)

Event Chart ('23)

(Coming in 2022-2023 Season)